Heather King wearing jewelry and a mask

January 3, 2021: How did I get here?! Part 1: An early journey in creativity...

I've always been an artist. Coloring, crafting, building. As a child, I was happiest when forming anything with my hands into something new and beautiful. Around 12 years old, my mom began teaching me to sew. Pretty soon, in high school, I was making clothing for my peers.

Some of you reading this may remember the pixie skirts I would make out of old tees from Goodwill, repurposed into bright mini skirts. I started selling them for $30 a pop, and pretty soon many of the girls around school had their own custom skirt! The elation of seeing my art worn by others was not easily forgotten, and became something I would chase for the rest of my life.

Later in high school, I enrolled in metal-smithing classes. This was a new art form for me, and I took off running. Creating metal jewelry required patience, attention to detail, and innovation. It was my favorite part of the day, being back in that studio, and by senior year, I had built an independent study curriculum for myself.

I've always wanted to look different, to stand out. The ideas in my head are translated into the clothing I wear, the jewelry I choose. I would lose a part of myself if I could no longer express myself through style, through design.

Those early days of seeing what it felt like to have my custom designs worn by others would forever shape my dreams of what I wanted to accomplish in life. I would eventually build this into a career.

We all have dreams that start when we are young. Something you're inspired by. Imagining yourself making an impact on your community. A process that excites and refreshes you. Sometimes, we put these dreams on hold while we pursue other paths. Sometimes, we put them down and they begin to collect dust. Sometimes, we just need a break. But, know that you can always come back. The essence of our childhood dreams never leaves us.

Stay tuned to learn how the concept of Heather King Designs began after an eight year stint of learning product development in New York City. <3

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