Heather King wearing bracelets and rings

December 14, 2020: It's all about self-care this holiday season!

It's no secret that 2020 has been a stressful year for many of us. I've been working full-time and managing my jewelry business on the side. Sometimes I feel as though I can't shut my brain off, and I feel guilty for craving free time without obligation.

I am incredibly grateful to have my health, and the health of my close friends and family. But how are we taking care of ourselves, otherwise?

I recently took a solo weekend trip to clear my mind. I set out with the intention to meditate, journal, re-write my 5 year plan, and refocus the energy on my wellbeing. I realize that solitude is a luxury not everyone can afford, but I'd like to express how beneficial it is to choose alone time, put work aside, and dive into your heart and mind. What do you want in life? What are your dreams? Your goals? And how can you be more present?

If you are like me, your dreams and goals are many, and there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish what you want. But focus first on being present. Connecting with your true self, and being open and accepting to others. Opportunity, love, and connection present themselves most when we are at peace with ourselves, and open to others.

This year, take the opportunity to give yourself the gift of some intentional solitude. Below are a few things that always feel like the gift of self-care to me!

  • go for a long run outside in nature.
  • perform an hour long yoga session in a candlelit room.
  • choose a guided meditation about presence, and journal afterwards.
  • cook yourself a favorite childhood meal, and set the table for yourself.
  • take a candlelit bubble bath with your drink of choice!
  • lay in bed in the middle of the day and read an entertaining book for an hour--I hope you fall asleep for a nap. :)
  • sit for an hour and ACTUALLY watch the sunset. It's shocking how quickly it can go.
  • have dinner alone at your favorite Italian restaurant. Outdoors if you can.
  • get an hour long massage, if it's Covid-19 safe.
  • if you have a fireplace, light a fire, put on music, and have a glass of wine.

I'd love to hear from you! What methods of self-care do you use during the holidays? DM me on Instagram @heatherkingdesigns