February 15th, 2021: What are we listening to?!

Part of building a brand is expressing my own interests, and finding ways to connect with others to hear about their interests as well. So what is everyone listening to?! I thought I'd take a moment to share which podcasts I've been particularly inspired by over the years. I use either Apple Podcasts or Spotify to stream content.

In-depth news source: The Daily from the New York Times

My friends and I listen to this podcast religiously as a news source. Hosted by Michael Barbaro, this 20 minute podcast, every morning M-F, goes in-depth on one news story. I appreciate that the reporters dive into one topic so I come out feeling like I have a better understanding of the story, rather than loose knowledge of a series of topics. It's intriguing enough to keep me focused, and isn't too long a time commitment. I listen while I work out or get ready in the morning before work.

Energy forecast: So You Think You're Intuitive

I only listen to this podcast at the start of the month to "prep" for the energy of the month ahead. I feel a little cheesy listening to this podcast (and definitely fast forward through the first 15 minutes), but I find the energy descriptions validating. I tend to get stuck in my own head about how much I am or am not accomplishing in life and work, and learning more about the collective energy of human emotions helps ground me. It feels like a deep sigh of relief to know we are all in this together.

Global news source: Democracy Now!

This podcast was recommended by my aunt, Dr. Kathleen Abu-Saad, over in Laqiya, Israel. Democracy Now! is an independent news organization, providing an hour long show every morning, highlighting global news. It is hosted by Amy Goodman & Juan González. I appreciate that they are audience-supported (without corporate or government interest), and provide live accounts from reporters at the front lines. This podcast certainly takes more of a time-commitment from me, and I find my mind wandering sometimes, but I always come out more knowledgeable about the issues we are facing, globally. I aim to listen in the morning to get a HUGE dose of what is going on in the world.

Creative ways for creatives to work smarter: It's Gotta Be The Mic

When I started my brand, Nate Kadlac was essential in the design process and provided me with many tools to "work smarter" as a creative. From prioritizing, to list-making, to connecting with your audience, to finding inspiration in unlikely places, he is full of entertaining life hacks. I was thrilled when he and Reza Saeedi launched a Sunday AM podcast about creative work in late 2020. Now I have my weekly fix of hearing about Nate's latest creative endeavors, and a chance to listen a dear friend of mine speak. (Who knew fonts were so meaningful and impactful?!)

How to start a business: StartUp by Gimlet Media

Are you thinking of starting a business but don't know where to start? That time in 2019 was exciting but lonely for me. The uncertainty of starting a brand and my inexperience in business shook my confidence. Kareem Rahma recommended the StartUp podcast as I was dealing with investor meetings, finance proposals, marketing budgets, etc. He's no stranger to start-up culture, and this podcast was my saving grace. Even though it highlights the journey of a tech/media start-up, I found solace in similar themes to my own start-up of launching a jewelry line. For anyone wanting to learn more about what it's like to start a business, I recommend starting at Episode 1!

I'd love to hear from you! Do you have a podcast you can recommend to me whether it's about business, creativity, entertainment, or current events? DM me on Instagram @heatherkingdesigns